Cardenden United Edit

Cardenden United were established on the 13th of December 2006 by manager Bryan Stevenson (Bryan01) and are nicknamed United. The team currently play in first division.01 in scotland. The stadium holds 3,000 people and is set to rise to 4,000 for the start of next season, may be it in the premier league or not.

History Edit

As we know united were established on the 13th December 2006 and played there first match away to Sporting Club Celtic on the 6th Janurary and got beat 1-0 after an 89th minute winner.

United got their first ever league win when they beat Cardenden Rivals Cardenden Rovers 1-0 on the 20th Janurary 2007. Season 3 was not really great with them finishing 10th in the table, of course there was no relegation at this point in scotland.

Season 4 was more successful, with united avoiding releagtion which was their aim, with finishing a fantastic 6th in the table. Emil Musat and Bahijar Prazina were the clubs top goalscorers both getting 4 for the season.

Season 5 united burst into life, rising to the top of the table after 3 games. They faded away though during the course of the season finishing 5th in the table, not what they set out to do. Marek Ubin was the top goalscorer with 22 goals forthe season.

Season 6 is ongoing and United are currently 4th in the table with 5 wins in 8 games. Cestmir Svoboda is the current top goalscorer with 16 goals for the season.

Club Records Edit

Biggest Win:10-0 against Kirkwall Renegades on 13/11/2007 Biggest Defeat: 4-1 against Sporting Club Celtic on 9/6/2007 Most goals in a Match Cesmir Svoboda with 5 v Inverurie Locos on 29/3/2008 and v Frisian beferkers on 12/4/2008 Most Valuable Player Anoniu Niculae £4.136.127 Highest Transfer Fee Spent £2.750.000 on Antoniu Niculae Highest Tranfer Fee Recieved £800,000 for Constantin Cherchizan All time Leading Goalscorer Marek Ubin 23 goals

Manager Edit

The manager is currently one of the longest serving managers in Cardenden at 17 months. He is also the manager of Scotland U21's who have won 6 out of 7 games under his leadership, the only loss to under 21's world cup champions netherlands.

The ambition to get to the premier league is more than ever.

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