Chameleon City
Full name
Chameleon City
August 4th, 2008
Treetop, 3500 seats
English League 2 E1

Club History Edit

Season 7

In Chameleon City's first ever game, on 16th of August 2008, they lost 7-0 to title favourites, BULLY'S BOYS. After one match, Chameleon City were rock bottom. They were handed a walkover in the first round of the English National Cup due to not enough participating teams. The team walked solemnly into their second match, away at Cheam Park, against Cheam Athletic. Triston Fairburn scored Chameleon City's first ever goal, but was overshadowed by the fact that his strike partner, Logan Cristianson, had scored a hattrick. Chameleon City finished August on a high note after beating mexican dogs 4-0 and AFC Gafatasary 3-0. At this point they were 5th in the table and their manager decided they needed new blood. In the coming weeks, the manager spent £664,250 on new talent. When the last player was signed, The Chameleons were in the 3rd round of the English National Cup and level on points with the fourth-placed team, BigAusieSTripAroundDrunk. The next day the team full of new signings beat susuk fc 1-0 to get a place in the 4th round of the English National Cup, against Championship B side Walton.F.C The Chameleons lost 2-0 but were happy with their run and went down with a fight. The suprise of the season came when The Chameleons beat Snazmadaz Shizzledizzles 1-0 with a superb Holt goal. They then beat Chronic Crew 4-0 while 3rd place rivals Guinness Football Club drew 0-0 with mexican dogs to put Chameleon City one point ahead of them in 3rd. Chameleon City then beat BigAusieSTripAroundDrunk 5-0 as Guinness Football Club dropped more points, this time in a 2-2 draw with AFC Gafatasary. Chameleon City then beat them 1-0 to put them 6 points clear. They were now catching up to Snazmadaz Shizzledizzles and BULLY'S BOYS, who had just drawn 1-1 with each other. But despite winning their last 3 games, Chameleon City were unable to close the gap. They finished in third, with a very respectable total of 53 points, and they had won 17, drawn 2 and lost 3.

Season 8

Manager CWLLFCTorres brought in a few new signings, and started the season tremendously with a new record win. They beat sportul visina 9-0 to go top of the table after one game. They and Snazmadaz Shizzledizzles are considered the biggest contenders for the League 2 E1 title.

Chameleon City Squad Edit

Player Pos Age Rating
Bridger Watkins (transfer listed) GK 22 16
Kennith May GK 19 16
Tiger Stafford GK 24 14
Luciano Fernandez De Gorotiza GK 20 16
Wilmot Triggs (captain) DC 32 17
Curtis Smith DC 29 17
Tijmen Talens (transfer listed) DC 21 16
Garrett Morse (transfer listed) DL 19 15
Silvino Quental DL 19 14
Tome Gamito DC 19 14
Carlton Ward (transfer listed) DL 22 13
Drew Donalds (transfer listed) DC 24 13
Sebastian De Oliviera DL 19 13
Ciro Ramirez De Rivera DC 19 15
Leon Hewitt DR 19 11
Emilio Sanchez Olmo (playmaker) MC 20 17
Zacharias Holt MR 19 15
Player Pos Age Rating
Tyler Christenson MC 20 13
Branden Hunnisett (transfer listed) ML 21 13
Milenko Vlaisavljevic (transfer listed) MC 19 12
Tamir Burja (transfer listed) MC 19 12
Marjan Carevic FC 22 16
Bogomir Brezovscek FC 19 14
Logan Christianson (penalty taker) FC 25 15
Hank Hamilton (transfer listed) FC 22 14

Club Records Edit


Logan Cristianson - 28

Marjan Carevic - 25

Zacharias Holt - 15

Emilio Sanchez Olmo - 3

Wilmot Triggs - 3


Wilmot Triggs - 34 (0)

Logan Cristianson - 33 (0)

Marjan Carevic - 31 (0)

Emilio Sanchez Olmo - 30 (0)

Zacharias Holt - 28 (0)


Marjan Carevic - 12

Logan Cristianson - 10

Zacharias Holt - 7

Emilio Sanchez Olmo - 4

Wilmot Triggs - 3

Record League Win - 9-0, Home v sportul visina

Record Cup Win - 5-0, Away v manchester stars

Record League Defeat - 0-7, Home v BULLY'S BOYS

Record Cup Defeat - 0-2, Home v Walton Fc

Highest Transfer Fee Paid - £236,250 - Emilio Sanchez Olmo

Highest Transfer Fee Received - £306,000 - Triston Fairburn

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