Vauxhall Motors FC


Full name
Vauxhall Motors FC
August 30, 2008
Death Valley (3,250)
B Ethniki 1

Vauxhall Motors FC was born in 30 August 2008 currently playing in B Ethniki 1, 2nd league in Grecce. It is a new club with big objectives.

The StadiumEdit


Death Valley was recently expanded to a generous 3,250 capacity. This will make, hopes gandacu, will increase the money recieved at home matches.

Club HistoryEdit

Vauxhall Motors FC was founded in August 2008. The club had previously been known as Politehnica Timisoara in Romania.

Season 7Edit

In 5th day of season gandacu take the team from last place with 0 points. He did it well and finished the season on 3rd place with one point lower than 2nd place who send on the playoff. Youth team end the season on 4th.

Season 8Edit

Season didn't end at this time. The team is on 1st place with 18 victories from 18 matches. There are 4 more matches and Vauxhall Motors will promote in Superleague if they continue victories run.


Biggest Win: 17-0 v.s. Bira Club


KM Asteras F.C.are the club biggest rival. Our supporters can't wait Superleague clashes against them.


There are two famous players on our team. Our forwards: Lars Daems and Yildiray Tunckaya. Daems impressed with his skills and Tunckaya with his 78 goals scored

Youth PerformanceEdit

Season 7Edit

4th place

Vauxhall's History
Division Position B Ethniki 1 Youth Grecce Cup Champions Cup Challenge Cup Nat. Youth Cup Youth Inter. Cup
Season 7 B Ethniki 1 3rd 4th Quarter Finalist N/A N/A N/A N/A
Season 8 B Ethniki 1 day 18 day 9 Last 16 N/A N/A N/A N/A

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