Foundation and beginnings.Edit

F.C. Garrigues is a small club from the South of France created in summer 2009. They are quite a unique club in the sense that they are based in the south of France, but play all their matches in England, Norfolk. Mind you they have never had a French player play for them. The exact date of the creation of the teamis unknown, although it is thought it was founded on Sunday the 15th of March 2009. When the news was announced there was going to be a new football club in the area, a group of about 20 men, and some youngsters decided to join up. Theo Griffiths, opted for the post of manager, chairman and hired friends as coaches. This was the creation of F.C. Garrigues.

The team started off with a yellow and black kit, and it has changed over the seasons, although now the club has settled for a light blue/black kit.

F.C. Garrigues's first ever transfer was the acquiring of Brennan Rennold, bought from friendly rivals Wombat Hotspurs. He cost them £100.000.

F.C. Garrigues's first ever sold player was Grayson Cook to Belgian club Eja Watte Gij F.C., for a total of £3000.

Their stadium is called Stade de Rue de Montgrand as this is the street where manager Theo used to live when living in France.

1st season.Edit

When F.C. Garrigues were created