FC Kongsberg


Full name
FC Kongsberg
June , 2008
Terra Mitica (5,000)
2.Division D

FC Kongsberg is a norwegian Dugout-Online club currently playing in the norwegian 2nd Division D. The club was founded by manager Norbakken 1. June 2008.

Club HistoryEdit

FCK joined Dugout-Online 14 rounds into the 6th norwegian season. The club was at that time at the 10th position with 6 points. The rest of the season FC Kongsberg won 5 matches, 1 draw and 3 looses, and ended up as position 8 and 22 points.

Season 7 was the first season that the club had a "managing manager" for the whole season, and FCK ended up in 4th place
Season 8 - 5th place
Season 9 - 4th place
Season 10 - 3rd place
Season 11 - 2nd place (same points as the winner)

According to this progression, season 12 should be very interesting... :)

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