The Norwegian National Cup has been played for seven seasons.

Norwegian National Cup Winners
Winner Runner-Up
Season 1


71° Up North F.C.

Fark FC The first cupfinal in the norwegian cup, is unfortnatly ereased from the database in DO.
But the result remains. 71° Up North F.C. beated Fark FC by 2 : 0 making 71° Up North F.C. the very first norwegian cup-champions
Season 2 RusleloffRusleloff Kickers BlackburnRockers FC The data for the second cupfinal in Norway is also unvailable for the time being. The game was played at the Jack Walker Memorial arena, and Rusleloff Kickers become cup-champions after 1-0.
Winning goal scored in the 67th minut.
Season 3 RusleloffRusleloff Kickers Steinkjer Magnificents FC Rusleloff Kickers qualified for their second final, and are still the only team in Norway that won the cuptitle 2 years in a row. The match at the BOLO Stadon was a close race, however, and the winning goal was made after 73 minutes. Rusleloff Kickers beated Steinkjer Magnificents 1-0.
Season 4


71° Up North F.C.

Rusleloff Kickers Rusleloff Kickers had a magnificent opportunity to take their third cup-title in a row, as they qualified for this final. After 120 played minutes of fotball, there was still no winner, and the game went to a penalty shoot-out, which 71° Up North F.C. finaly won. The score. 4-3
  • 1 Merv Pierson Rusleloff Kickers 12 (0)</li></li>
  • 2 Snorre Antonsen 71° Up North F.C. 10 (1)</li></li>
  • 3 Egil Evje Dir FK 9 (0)</li></li>
  • Season 5 DroneklubbenDroneklubben Zinedine Zidanes disipler Another tight cup-final. The score after 90 minutes was 1-1, and since no team managed to score in extra-time, the final was to be decided by penalty shoot-out. Droneklubben finally won by 4-3.
    1 Jakob Ottersen Zinedine Zidanes disipler 10 (1)
    1 Jiri Amost Falafelgutane 10 (1)
    3 Carl Gjersoee Droneklubben 9 (0)
    Season 6


    FC Lyn Oslo

    Team EJ Manager Erikmy leads his team FC Lyn Oslo to their first cup-championship after a convinsing 2-0 win over Team EJ. Goals scored by Furtunado Aquino and Zeljko Palcak
  • 1 Knut Bull Team EJ 14 (0)</li></li>
  • 1 Benno Pentre blueskinkys 14 (0)</li></li>
  • 3 Furtunado Aquino FC Lyn Oslo 12 (0)</li></li>
  • Season 7


    Team EJ

    Levanger FK geihr is in the cup-finals for the second time in to seasons, and this time he leads his Team EJ to a comfortable 4-1 win against Levanger FK. Goalscorers for Team EJ were Knut Bull , Dado Radetic, Burhan Gundogdu and Inacio Teles. Terje Rustad made the goal for Levanger FK
  • 1 Benno Pentre blueskinkys 16 (0)</li></li>
  • 2 Kristoffer Eide Tveita Toppen 12 (0)</li></li>
  • Doru Dinescu Levanger FK 12 (0)</li></li>
  • Season 8 Reservelaget Team EJ
    Season 9 Mule BK Rusleloff Kickers
    Season 10 Kaffikoppen FK FC Lyn Oslo
    Season 11 Lyngdal Gunners Rugbrød United
    Season 12 Lyngdal Gunners Bella FC
    Season 13 Lyngdal Gunners Team EJ
    Season 14

    Bella FC

    Team EJ
    Season 15

    Bella FC

    Vålerenga IF

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