Slovenia is one of the biggest D-O countries, with most PAs, that's why it's very important in D-O. Our main national team is lead by Guerrero, 4 times 1st division and cup winner and Champions Cup winner.

Our squad is very strong: two great goalkeepers:Rajko Petrač and Zoran Smerdu. They both play in the strongest league in D-O: Romanian first division, so they are both gaining great training and experience.

Our defense is lead by Jan Celestina, one of the best defenders in the whole game. He was the first defender, to reach 50 (the maximum) in a skill. There are also some other players of great skills, like Jurij Pezder, Pavel Tomelj, and Robert Goja.

Our midfield is a relatively weak one, as we only have 4 classy midfielders. They are Rado Tomše, Milenko Purgar, Martin Kordin and Jernej Novoselc

Our attack is even worse than midfield. We only have one good striker: Grega Janžekovič

But our national coach is a great tactician, and I have full faith in him to lead the team to a medal on world cup

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